Flirting With Record Breaking Heat For Parts Of PA This Weekend

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The story of this Summer so far has been two words…HOT and HUMID. Typical day temperatures surpassing the 85 to even 90 degree mark for many locations, while high elevations have been hovering around the 80 degree mark. Looking at this weekend, temperatures are going to continue to climb the ladder, so much so, that a few areas may break records this Weekend.

A strong ridge is going to develop over the area between Friday and Monday, helping to pump very warm air from the South. The only escape from the brutal heat during this time period is if you live in a high elevation, or if you are right along a body of water (lake/ocean).


So how hot are we talking? Based on the National Weather Service’s Heat Index chart, many locations throughout PA will fall into the Danger Category, while the rest of the state will fall in the Extreme Caution Category. This means to take the time out and bring all pets inside! DO NOT LEAVE THEM OUT IN THIS HEAT. Check on elderly neighbors, friends, and family members. And most importantly STAY HYDRATED.

Here is our forecast. We will fine tune this, if needed, over the next 2 days.

Area A – Actual high temperatures during this time period will range from 100 to 105 degrees, with heat index values around 110 degrees. These locations have the best chance at breaking record high temperatures.

Area B – Actual high temperatures will range from 95 to 100 degrees, with heat index values approaching 105 degrees. Many locations in this area will be flirting with record high temperatures.

Area C – Actual high temperatures will fall in the 90 to 95 degree range, with heat index values approaching 100 degrees. A few locations may challenge record highs in this area.

Area D – Still will be hot compared to normal, but most locations in this region will stay below the 90 degree mark.

Again the time frame for these temps in Friday through Monday.

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