Life-Threatening Heat Wave to Continue, Excessive Heat Alerts Now in Place

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For those that have been following our posts, you know we have been saying that we thought this Heat Wave would continue until at least Monday, but there were signs that it would persist longer into this coming week. Well unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening. This Heat Wave will continue until at least Thursday, possibly Friday. Friday is currently up in the air. But definitely by the weekend we will have some relief from the extreme heat.

Here’s a look at the latest Excessive Heat Alerts placed by the National Weather Service for Tomorrow:heat alerts

This is just for Tomorrow. Areas outside of the advisories are not escaping the Heat as you will see in our updated forecast below, but those areas will not be meeting the Excessive Heat Advisory/Warning criteria by a hair.

Now onto our updated Forecast for Monday through Thursday.

Area A – Temperatures throughout the week will hover between 98 and 103 degrees, with real feel temperatures approaching 110 degrees at times.

Area B – This area will have high temperatures throughout the week anywhere from 93 to 98 degrees, with real feel temperatures approaching 105 degrees at times.

Area C – High temperatures between 88 and 93 degrees throughout the week, with real feel temperatures approaching 100 degrees at times.

Area D – Temperatures will stay below 90 degrees.

PLEASE take this with caution. Unfortunately, a young 4 year old girl lost her life in this heat just the other day because she was left in a car. It is such a sad story and we hate to hear it time and time again. So check on your elderly, keep all pets indoors, and check where your kids are at all times. Do not be exposed to this Heat for long periods of times and stay hydrated.

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deadly heat wave

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