Major Winter Storm With Snow, Ice, and Rain To Impact The Area Early Next Week

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        A major Winter Storm once gain is targeting the area early next week. This time around, it will not be an all snow event for many of us. This will be a Winter Storm where many areas end up seeing a wide variety of precipitation types.

        After reviewing the latest guidance, it is becoming more clear, the further inland you are, the better odds you see more in the way of wintry precipitation. Folks closer to I-95 may change over to rain.

        Timing: Snow will start to break out over southern portions of the State as early as Midnight Tuesday, before overspreading the entire state as we head throughout the day. The storm will clear out by Wednesday Afternoon.

Afternoon’s GFS model:GFS storm

        Verbatim, a large snowstorm for Western PA, Snow to Ice to Rain for Central PA, Mainly rain for Eastern PA.

Canadian Model: CMC for storm

        The GFS and CMC both agree on a large system impacting the state. The CMC shows a massive snowstorm for Western PA, big time snow to ice event for Central PA, and a Snow to ice to rain event for Eastern PA. The Canadian would be a very ugly scenario for many as our state has not had to deal with a big ice storm is quite some time.

Lastly, the Euro: euro for storm

        The Euro has a low cutting into West Virginia then over the PA/OH border and eventually into Canada. This would lead to a brief snow to rain event for all of PA. The Euro has been rather inconsistent as of late. It’s own ensembles are much more like the GFS/CMC. Here’s a map strictly based on how the models see this storm playing out so it is easier for you all to read. Areas around I-95 look to be all rain with a mess of snow and ice for much of the state.


         As this point there could be heavy snow and heavy ice/sleet accumulations which will lead to dangerous driving conditions and even lead to power outages/down trees/etc. Please have a plan B if you had plans Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

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Lead Forecaster Chris Corrigan is a 20 year old entrepreneur who has been studying the weather ever since the young age of 5. Chris has been the lead forecaster for Pennsylvania Weather Action alongside Lead Forecaster Josh Adams since the fall of 2014.

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