As we begin to head into Fall, many are wondering what the weather will be like and how it could impact Fall Foliage. Some are even wondering about the winter already. For now, we will focus on September.

This Summer has definitely been hot and dry. It has been so dry, there are voluntary water reductions in parts of the state. Unfortunately, we expect September to be an extension of this type of weather. Hot and dry conditions are expected to persist. The main source of rain will be along cold fronts, which will be few and far between.

There will be periods of average to slightly below average temperatures, but they will be short-lived and scattered. Above average temperatures will be common this month. Highs in the 80s and even low 90s for much of the month, with lows only in the mid 50s, into the 60s.

Unfortunately, this means Fall Foliage will not be the greatest this year. Many trees will have brown or dark yellow leaves, eventually falling off before turning orange or red. However, that doesn’t mean all types of trees.

Our Fall 2016 Forecast will be issued later this evening, be sure to stay tuned for that. As always, remember to like us on facebook by clicking here for all updates regarding Pennsylvania weather action!

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