Potential Growing For Major Winter Storm Mid-Nextweek, Specifics Remain Uncertain

        Ever since Mid-January it seems like there has been a winter storm just about every week. With a warm weekend on the way, the potential for a possible Major Winter Storm is just the news many want to hear. Although specifics remain uncertain at this point and will remain uncertain until…


Second Call Forecast For Monday/Tuesday’s Major Winter Storm, Amounts & Timing Included

        Although guidance has shifted a bit warmer with its solutions, a significant Wintry Mix is in store for many especially Tomorrow. For those only interested in the map/timing forecast, scroll down below model discussion. Latest GFS:          The GFS is the least aggressive with the front end snow…


First Call Forecast For Monday/Tuesday’s Major Winter Storm, Amounts & Timing Included

2ND CALL POSTED >> https://paweatheraction.com/second-call-forecast-for-mondaytuesdays-major-winter-storm-amounts-timing-included         A significant Winter Storm is targeting the area beginning Monday and lasting until at least the first half of Tuesday. For those only interested in the First Call Map/Key, that is at the bottom. Here is an in-depth discussion.         Snow will overspread the…


Major Wintry Mess Coming Monday & Tuesday

AN UPDATE ON THIS STORM HAS BEEN POSTED >>> https://paweatheraction.com/first-call-with-amounts-significant-wintry-mix-to-pose-travel-headaches         A major winter storm with a variety of different precipitation types will move through the area Monday into Tuesday. Although there will be a significant contrast regarding impacts across the state, we believe the entire region will start out with snow Monday…


Major Winter Storm With Snow, Ice, and Rain To Impact The Area Early Next Week

AN UPDATE ON THIS STORM HAS BEEN POSTED >>> https://paweatheraction.com/major-winter-mess-coming-monday-tuesday         A major Winter Storm once gain is targeting the area early next week. This time around, it will not be an all snow event for many of us. This will be a Winter Storm where many areas end up seeing a wide…


Record Breaking Cold Trending Even Colder For This Weekend

Whether you want to believe it or not, the temperatures for this weekend are trending even colder. Many areas will not have a “feels like” temperature above 0 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday Afternoon’s “feels like” temperature:  Some areas Saturday will not feel warmer than negative 20 degrees..simply incredible, however highly dangerous. Think those…


Snowfall Amounts Increased For Monday Evening – Late Tuesday Night

FINAL UPDATE HAS BEEN POSTED>>> https://paweatheraction.com/heavier-snowfall-amounts-expanded-in-final-call-forecast         As we grow closer to this storm, certainty is going up as well. Although there is still some uncertainty in the forecast, we feel confident in our prediction. This update will focus on timing as well as snowfall amounts for this storm.      …


Threat of Tuesday Moderate Snow Event for PA & Surrounding Areas Growing

AN UPDATE REGARDING THIS POTENTIAL STORM HAS BEEN POSTED>>> https://paweatheraction.com/potential-of-tuesday-plowable-snow-growing-too-early-for-amounts         The title of this update is great news to some and frustrating to others, especially those in Southern PA who are finally seeing grass after almost two weeks. To begin with, you all need to understand that this update will not…