Parts of PA to see Northern Lights Tonight into Tomorrow Morning

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Keep an eye to the sky tonight and early parts of tomorrow morning as our state, as well as the rest of the Northeast is under a Geomagnetic Storm Watch. On Friday, a massive sunspot erupted on the sun, which created what scientists call a “coronal mass ejection” and is headed straight for our planet tonight. This means some us could see quite the spectacular show later tonight and early tomorrow morning!

The National Weather Service has created a graphic (below) indicating what areas are more likely to see the Northern Lights. Pennsylvania is on the southern extent of areas to see the Northern Lights, but from prior experiences, as long as there is little to no cloud cover and you are in an area with reduced light pollution, you will have more than a 50% chance to see the Northern Lights sometime tonight and early part of tomorrow morning.

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Lead Forecaster Chris Corrigan is a 20 year old entrepreneur who has been studying the weather ever since the young age of 5. Chris has been the lead forecaster for Pennsylvania Weather Action alongside Lead Forecaster Josh Adams since the fall of 2014.

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  1. Jay Samanka says:

    Haven’t seen anything yet in DuBois, Pa. Have been out here since 11pm lastnight. Giving it one more hour then calling it a night.

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