Potentially Crippling Winter Storm Friday into Saturday

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        This season we have not seen a single winter storm here in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. But that is certainly looking to change in a big way as models remain consistent indicating a potentially crippling snowstorm in parts of PA with major impacts throughout much of the state.

        A low pressure system coming into the Pacific Northwest will dive south into the Southern Plains mid this week. By Thursday the storm will move through the Southeast while rapidly strengthening as it moves toward our area.

        Snow will likely move into Southern PA Friday Afternoon as the low pressure undergoes bombogenesis in Eastern North Carolina and the Virginia Beach Area. By Friday Night the best snow will likely be falling across Southern PA with moderate snow in Central and Eastern PA.

        Saturday Morning into the afternoon will likely feature the worst of the storm as snow falls as far north as Central and even Northern PA with heaviest snow in Southern and Eastern PA.

        By Saturday Evening, snow will likely be falling across much of Central and Eastern PA. As we move into Saturday Night, the system will begin to exit the state but snow will still likely be falling across Eastern PA.

        These are current model timing indications and will likely be moved around as we move closer to the storm. However, models continue to focus on Southern and Eastern PA when it comes to worst impacts.

        This storm will likely have major impacts on much of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. A big factor with this system will also be winds, as Southcentral and Southeastern PA will likely experience wind gusts above 40-50 MPH making for serious snow drifts.

        Below is the current storm impact map and things will likely need to be wiggled around as we approach the storm. We will have a first call forecast including amounts with this system Tuesday Evening.

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  1. Roger ( Old Goat) says:

    Great Job ,Keep up the Forecasts , Thank You
    SOOOO Much again GREAT JOB

  2. tom morrison says:

    Thanx, Josh. Think I need to cancel a dinner party currently scheduled for 8:30 Saturday night. Hope the rain/snow line works in our favor…..

  3. Linda Smith says:

    Thanks, Josh. Great information. I wish you were doing Western New York too.

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