Record Breaking Cold This Weekend, Big Snowstorm Potential Early Next Week

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As this current system is wrapping up, we are already tracking historic cold and the potential for a big early week snowstorm next week. Today’s storm was a nice light to moderate snowfall for most of us. Many areas picked up several inches of snowfall, while the jackpot areas had well over a half a foot!

But now it is time to talk about some serious, even life threatening cold. This weekend the “polar vortex” will drop down over the region, allowing for historic cold. High temps Saturday and Sunday will remain in the teens for the lower elevations, and will not get out of the single digits for the higher elevations. What concerns us the most is the low temperatures that are in the forecast.

Take a look at Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning low temperatures. record breaking cold

This is the actual air temperature for Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning. All of the state is below 5 degrees. Very impressive. However, the wind chill values will be extremely dangerous. Take A look. wind chill

Wind Chill values will be between negative 10 and negative 25 degrees, which will be life threatening if you are exposed to these temperatures for a period of time. Please check on the elderly and DO NOT have your pets outside.

After the weekend, temperatures will “rebound” into the 20s and 30s. Then all eyes turn to the potential major Winter Storm Late Monday into Tuesday of next week. A low pressure system will gather strength over the South and take a turn up the coast, putting the state in its path. Euro and the Canadian model are the most aggressive with this storm. These models drop well over a foot, and even 2 feet in parts of Central and Western PA. While the GFS has the storm, but is less aggressive.

Here’s a look at the Canadian. possible sterm

Just remember this is not a forecast, however the POTENTIAL of a major Winter Storm early next week is certainly there. If everything falls in place correctly, we would be talking about about another huge snowstorm for many of us. But, at the same time, it is a week away and at this point it is just eye candy for snow lovers.

Summary: Record Breaking and Dangerous cold on the way this weekend. Watching the potential for a major Winter Storm early next week. 

Should be a fun week of tracking it on our Facebook Page>>>> Pennsylvania Weather Action Facebook Page!

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