Second Call Forecast For Tuesday’s Crippling Winter Storm

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Over the last 24 hours since our first call, guidance has trended more aggressive in terms of snow amounts for much of state Monday Night into Tuesday. The closer we get to impact, the more confidence we are having that this will go down as one of the largest March snowstorms in recorded history.

We will take a look at the NAM model to breakdown the timing. Snow will begin to overspread the area from south to north between 9 PM Monday through midnight Tuesday, below is the NAM valid 11 PM Monday night: 

By 2 AM Tuesday Morning much of the state is in steady to heavy snow, by this time driving is highly not recommended:

The snow continues to get stronger through the morning hours as the coastal low really begins to crank. Below is valid for 8 AM Tuesday Morning:

As we head into the mid-late afternoon hours Tuesday, the snow will begin to weaken and eventually taper off by the evening hours. Below is valid for 2 PM Tuesday:

Please if you have any traveling plans Monday Night and Tuesday have a plan B! Traveling during this time will be near impossible.


Timing: Snow will enter our southern counties around 9 PM Monday night and will arrive for our northern areas by midnight Tuesday Morning. Snow will be heaviest between midnight Tuesday through at least noontime. Snow will begin to wrap up from southwest to northeast Tuesday Afternoon.

Area A: Snow accumulations of 12-18″ are expected within this area. Locations inside the dashed line area may receive over 18″ of snow. Blizzard conditions are possible at times. Widespread power outages are possible.

Area B: Snow accumulations of 8-12″ are expected within this area. Widespread power outages are possible.

Area C: Snow accumulations of 5-8″ are expected within this area. Scattered power outages are possible. 

Area D: Snow accumulations of 3-5″ are expected within this area.

Area E: Snow accumulations of 1-3″ are expected within this area.

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Please share this using the icons below with your friends and family. Traveling will be near impossible in many areas of Central and Eastern PA Tuesday.

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