Significant Winter Storm Likely Friday, Major Snow Potential

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Potentially Crippling Winter Storm Friday into Saturday

        With storm after storm this season, it has been all about what the system could have produced instead of what it did produce, which has often been rain. Why is that? We have had little to no blocking, causing systems to cut to our west. However, we now have blocking in place, as well as ample cold air. All we need is a strong storm system, and that is exactly what ALL models indicate.

        This is also not just something that popped up on the models. This storm has been consistent across the models the past several days with more and more coming on board. Now let’s get into the details.

        A low pressure system will develop in the South Central Plains, and move east-northeast into the Upper Southeast while rapidly strengthening and grabbing moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It will then move into Tennessee before an energy transfer to Eastern North Carolina Friday Morning. By Friday Morning, there is a good chance snow will be falling in Southern PA, moving into the state from southwest to northeast.

        After the storm transfers its energy to the coast, it will rapidly strengthen. The physical low pressure will move through Southeast Virginia Friday Night. By Friday Night once again there is a good chance moderate snow will be falling in the Southern two-thirds of the state with the heaviest snow falling across Southern and Eastern Pennsylvania.

        There is the potential that this low pressure could somewhat stall off the coast Friday Night, extending the duration of this snowstorm in Eastern and Central PA. By Saturday Evening precipitation will likely be over across PA.

        How about snowfall totals? At this point it’s a little too early to determine totals but we think areas in Southern and Eastern PA could potentially see snowfall totals over a foot if everything holds like it has been and continues to.

        What can go wrong? There is not much that literally can go wrong with this storm. The greatest threat would be the storm moving off the Carolina’s and going out to sea. However, this is not likely and models have been trending away from this solution completely.

         Below is the 12z Canadian Model indicating just how much snow is possible with this system. Also, wind gusts of 40-50MPH are likely in South Central and Southeastern PA which would produce steep drifts. Some may say this is “hype,” but it truly isn’t considering all factors are in perfect position and this solution has been on several models since Friday, with all models now indicating it.

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If everything holds up, we will have our first call released Tuesday Evening.


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