Update Regarding The Potential For A Major Winter Storm Next Week

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Here we are, approximately 4 to 5 days away from this storm occurring and of course, as expected, guidance continues to be all over the place. So why even mention this possibility to the public if we are not 100% sure what’s going to happen? We like to give the public a heads up in advance, in case they have travel plans during this time period. We are not forecasting anything to happen at this moment, we are simply stating the POTENTIAL to give viewers a heads up.

Timing: Tuesday through Thursday

With the latest guidance in, we have 3 different solutions, however, they all agree now on 2 separate low pressure systems potentially impacting us next week, rather than 1 massive storm.

GFS: gfs update

Notice the two separate low pressure systems. Storm #1 comes Tuesday, delivering several inches of snow to Central and Northern PA. Southern and Eastern PA are mainly rain this run. Then, all eyes turn to storm #2. The GFS takes this low off the Carolina’s and out to sea. Leaving PA harmlessly out of its way.

Canadian: cmc update

The Canadian has the two low pressure systems closer together. The first storm, delivers a snow to rain scenario for most of us. The second system is much more stronger on the this model than the GFS. It takes the low pressure up the coast, delivering significant snows for places North and West of I-95. cmc update

The above image shows you what the CMC shows for storm #2. Much of Central PA and Northeastern PA get in on the significant snows, while Western PA barely receives any snow at all.

European Model: euro update
Would you look at that…all three major models showing two separate systems, gotta love agreement! What’s different about the Euro though, is not only does it produce significant snows to Central and Western PA with storm #1, it also provides significant snows to same areas with storm #2. Eastern PA is mainly rain with storm #1 and Rain to Snow with limited accumulations with storm #2.

Summary: Yes a storm, likely two separate storms in fact, are coming next week. The first storm will arrive by Tuesday, the next one will be right on its heels and would arrive here sometime on Wednesday and last until Thursday. We DO NOT know what areas will receive the best snows/ice/rainfall amounts…that is simply up in the air for now. What we do know, is whoever receives all snow from both storm #1 and storm #2 will receive a hefty amount of snow. Where that occurs, remains to be seen.

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