You Know You Live In Pennsylvania When…(Weather Edition)

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Welcome to Pennsylvania, where the weather forecast never agrees with your outfit choice that day. Here is a look at our top…”You know you live in Pennsylvania when.”

  1. You know you are from Pennsylvania when…It is early Spring or late Fall, and you go to check your local 7 day forecast to determine what outfits you want to wear that week. You turn your TV to your local weather channel, and this is what you see. (Credit: funny 7 day
  2. You know you are from Pennsylvania when….Meteorologists all week have been calling for a minor snowfall for the weekend, somewhere in the 1 to 3 inch range. So you don’t prepare for it at all, telling all your friends, family, and co-workers that the snowfall is not supposed to be a big deal, and you are proud of yourself for finally paying attention to a weather forecast and remembering what they said. The weekend rolls around, you wake up, go to open your door and… d
  3. You know you are from Pennsylvania when… All week you are being told of a 1 to 2 FEET of snow expected for the weekend. Everybody rushes to the stores to grab their unnecessary purchases, using the blizzard as an excuse to buy whatever it is they bought. You triple check to make sure all your generators are good to go in case you lose power, only to wake up that Saturday Morning and….rain
  4. You know you are from Pennsylvania when..oh my goodness 1 to 2 inches of snow is coming?!?! EVERYONE BUY YOUR BREAD & MILK! Like really? I promise you, there is a thing called a plow, most roads will be cleared up by the following morning….bread
  5. You know you are from Pennsylvania when…. the live shot near Lake Erie….lake-effect-prim
    Same day, heat advisories and warnings are in place for the South-central and Southeastern part of the state.  (Credit: CNN)heat advisories

    I hope you all enjoy a bit of the comic relief from this article, but in all seriousness, the past several months have been a rough stretch for weather forecasters out there, including us. Exactly why the weather remains an interesting topic, it would get quite boring if we could predict with 100% accuracy.

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Happy to be apart of such a wonderful site with Josh. I am 19 years old and have been tracking the weather since the young age of 5! My goal is to give you all the most reliable and accurate information regarding the weather to my best ability!

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