Starting Tomorrow and lasting through at least Monday, most of the state will be dealing with scorching hot temperatures. The latest trends suggest that the worst of the Heat will primarily focus over the Eastern Half of the State, however, trends are also suggesting hotter temperatures approaching further North than previously expected. So with Today’s updated map from our first call, we bumped our zones a bit North.

Before we get into our Forecast, it is important to note the National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat watch for all of Southeastern PA and extends into New Jersey and Delaware. excessive heat watch

Their Excessive Heat Watch is in effect from Saturday AM through Sunday Evening. To avoid confusion, this is the National Weather Service’s forecast. Not ours. In their discussion, they state that it is possible that they will extend their time-frame for the Excessive Heat Watch to be in effect. Their call is for real feel temperatures in these areas to reach between 100 and 105 degrees.

It is more than likely as we get into Tomorrow, more areas will be under a heat watch and/or advisory.

Now here is our Forecast. Western PA looks to luck out of any major heat wave. Friday and Saturday will feature temps in the low to mid 90s, but by the time Sunday rolls around, temperatures will not be too bad. This does include Pittsburgh. However, the Eastern Half of PA does not luck out so well. This is where there will be a prolonged period of very hot temperatures.

Area A – Actual high temperatures between 100 and 105 degrees, with real feel temperatures approaching an impressive 110 degrees.

Area B – Actual high temperatures between 95 and 100 degrees, with real feel temperatures approaching 105 degrees.

Area C – Actual high temperatures between 90 and 95 degrees, with real feel temperatures approaching 100 degrees.

Area D – Actual high temperatures under 90 degrees.

It being very warm is one thing, but these temperatures are to the point where it becomes dangerous if you do not take it seriously. On average in the last 30 years, excessive heat is 2nd on the list for most deaths caused by something weather related. Yes, it is ahead of both tornadoes and hurricanes. Floods is #1 on the list. So please check on your elderly family, friends, and neighbors. Also, a reminder to bring all pets inside and get plenty of fluids. Try to limit being outside for long periods of time.

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