AutumnWinter Weather

Frost advisories have been issued for much of the Northern Mountain Region down into the Laurel Highlands for tonight. Freeze watches have already been issued for Monday Night as temperatures could drop as low as the upper 20s.

Tonight, lows will sink to near 32 across the Northern Appalachian Mountains and Laurel Highlands with mid to upper 30s in Western, Central, and Northeastern PA. Low 40s are expected in Southeastern PA.

Monday Night, widespread frosts and freezes are likely.


Light Blue Areas – Temperatures will range from 35-41 degrees. No damage to vegetation will occur.

Dark Blue Areas – A frost is likely in this region. Temperatures will range from 33-38 degrees. Sensitive vegetation may be damaged. The growing season will continue for the next few weeks until a freeze occurs.

Pink Areas – A freeze is likely in this region. Temperatures will range from 28 to 34. Sensitive vegetation will be damaged or killed. This could end the growing season especially in locations that drop below 32 degrees.


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