A mix of rain and snow showers will move into Western PA by noon today. By evening, snow showers will make their way into Central PA as light snow falls across Western PA. Heading into tonight, light to moderate snow will overtake the southern half of the state, with moderate snow by Tuesday Morning throughout the Laurel Highlands on into the Susquehanna Valley. In addition, light snow will begin in Eastern PA Tuesday Morning.

        As we work our way into Late Tuesday Morning and into the afternoon, there could be a lull in the snow in some areas. However by mid-afternoon snow will fill back in from west to east, especially in Southern PA. Light to moderate snow will then continue in Central and Eastern PA Tuesday Evening as precipitation begins to wrap up in Western PA. By Wednesday Morning snowfall will be over everywhere with some left over lake effect snow showers in NW PA.

        It is likely that an inverted trough sets up in Southcentral PA into the Lower Susquehanna Valley, which is an area of moderate snow that will be very slow moving. It all depends on just how slow moving and persistent this band of snow will be, but there is the potential for above 7″ in localized areas within the outlined dashed region.

        We don’t expect any extremely heavy bands of snow, but more of a long lasting moderate band type deal in the areas most heavily impacted as indicated on our map. Furthermore, we anticipate the Tuesday Morning and Evening Commute to be affected about equally, however Tuesday Morning could be slightly worse for Southwestern to Southcentral PA. For all weather alerts issued by the NWS, go to our Weather Alerts page.

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