The only way to breakdown this pattern of extreme heat and humidity is to have multiple systems pass through the area, and sure enough that is what we have here this week. Tomorrow a potent system will be passing through our state, leading to the chance of Severe Weather for the entire State.

Will this be a widespread Severe Threat? No. There will be ISOLATED storms throughout the area, however, the storms that do develop look to be on the potent side. Strong enough that the Storm Prediction Center has mentioned the words, supercell and tornadoes. The tornado threat is rather low, but the possibility is there. The main threat is for damaging winds in excess of 60mph.

Timing: The threat for storms will exist all day, but the threat for the strongest storms will be during the Evening and Nighttime hours late Tuesday. Again not every town will experience a storm, these will be isolated in nature, but the storms that do form will be potent.

Below is the latest forecast from the Storm Prediction Center.

Area A – Area that is greatest at risk for damaging winds and perhaps a tornado or two. The Storm Prediction Center has placed this area under a SLIGHT RISK for Severe Weather.

Area B – The Storm Prediction Center has placed this area under a MARGINAL RISK for Severe Weather. Again damaging winds is the primary threat, the risk for a tornado is still there as well.

Area C – Way down in far Southern New Jersey, all storm activity will remain below Severe Criteria.

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