The only possible temporary relief from the heat, will come in the form of isolated storms. Unfortunately, the key word is isolated. Tomorrow, a system will be passing well to our North, putting the state of PA on the south side of the system, giving us the potential for some storms. The worst of the Severe Weather will likely occur in Upstate New York and Southern New England this time around.

However, there will be isolated Strong to Severe storms Tomorrow. Storms will be around the Northwestern third of state in the mid-morning hours between 5 am and 9 am, and will spread southeastward throughout the day. By the Evening time, most activity should be shut off for the entire state.

The Storm Prediction Center has stated, the potential does exist for damaging winds and large hail in the storms that do become Severely warned.

Area A – For those traveling to Southern New England Tomorrow, those areas are under a SLIGHT RISK for Severe Weather, where the parameters are more ripe there, than they will be in PA for Severe Storms.

Area B – This includes much of the State except for extreme Southern PA. All areas in this zone are under a MARGINAL RISK for Severe Weather. Again, the threat will not be widespread, but there will be a few locations throughout PA that experience these storms. It is a hit or miss type of deal.

Area C – All storm activity will remain below Severe Criteria.

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