Fall Foliage Updates

Warmer than normal temperatures delayed the onset of fall foliage season about a week, but some of us are beginning to see changing foliage. Change has been most significant around and north of I-80, especially in the higher elevations near the NY border. Meanwhile in the lower elevations across the Susquehanna and Lehigh Valleys, little change has occurred.

Above average temperature will continue through much of October, likely resulting in a slower fall foliage season. However, it’s important to also note that leaves change color mostly due to gradually reduced sunlight expose as the days become shorter and the sun angle weakens.


Area A: This region is beginning to see best color, with about 80% of tree species having changed color. Peak color is this week in this area.

Area B: This region is seeing partial color change, and about 50% of tree species have changed color. Peak color will begin in approximately one week in this area.

Area C: This region is starting to see minor changes in color, and about 25% of tree species have changed color. Peak color is approximately two to three weeks away in this away.

Area D: This region has not seen any foliage color change. Peak color is approximately three to four weeks away in this away.

I advise heading to Areas A and B this weekend if you looking for some good fall foliage.

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