We will begin by mentioning the stated amounts are very broad, and WILL need to be adjusted as we move closer to the storm. How much adjustment? That all depends on coming model runs. Models today have been consistent, once again indicating a major snowstorm and even blizzard with the exception of the afternoon Euro run which is not even supported by its own ensembles. We believe the Euro will adjust back north and west tonight’s 00z run.

        Our system is just entering the Pacific Northwest now and will quickly dive into the Southern Plains by Wednesday into Early Thursday. It will then strengthen very rapidly Late Thursday into Early Friday as it moves east-northeast through Mississippi, Alabama, and Northern Georgia.

        By Friday Afternoon snow will begin across Southern PA, heaviest along the Mason-Dixon line. As we head into Friday Night, snow will begin to spread north into Pennsylvania with the heaviest still across Southern PA, especially our southern tier counties.

        The most intense part of our winter storm will come Saturday Morning, with winds picking up and gusting to near 50 MPH in Southern and Eastern PA while heavy snow continues to fall, spreading north and east in the meantime.

        By the time Saturday Evening rolls around, snow will begin to lift east-northeast, likely ending across all of Western PA as well as parts of Central PA. For Eastern PA we anticipate snow to continue into Saturday Night.

        Southern PA will likely take the worst of the storm, as well as DC and Baltimore, and people living in these areas should begin to make preparations now. We are confident some areas in Pennsylvania will receive well over 18 inches and potentially two feet of snow out of this system.

        Lastly, we would also like to mention that there is still a good 40 hours until we are locked in as far as this storm’s impacts on Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Be sure to stay tuned, as we will have our second call update Wednesday Evening.

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