Every year there seems to be a little surprise snow in Early Spring across the entire state. However, normally that comes in Late March. This year a Winter-Like Pattern will bring snow in Early April. Yes, we get a Winter-Like Pattern in April but not December because that makes sense.

        As the title indicates, THIS WILL NOT BE ANYTHING MAJOR. With that said, the Laurel Highlands have a good shot at a moderate snowfall of 3″+. All other areas in PA will see snow showers with minor snowfall accumulations due to the fact this snow will fall mainly Early Morning Saturday. If you wake up past noon Saturday, you might miss it.

        Here is our First Look Map for this event. As mentioned, the majority of moderate snowfall accumulations will be confined to the Laurel Highlands. Stay tuned for another update tomorrow that will include First Call Accumulations and more detailed timing.

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