With severe storms Wednesday and snow showers Thursday, what’s next? A few days of cold air before warmth floods into the region Sunday. Temperatures will be nearly 10 degrees above average Sunday, along with dry conditions. Below is Sunday’s High Temperature Forecast.


        Some rain showers are possible Monday in Western PA with a passing front, as temperatures will remain above average through the majority of next week. By Wednesday yet another “Great Lakes Cutter” will move west of the state, bringing more rain and potentially more thunderstorms.

        However we don’t expect another severe thunderstorm outbreak. What we saw Wednesday is very rare and in fact the tornado that hit Lancaster County was only the second tornado ever recorded in Pennsylvania during the month of February, and was the strongest with winds nearing 125mph. There was also a tornado in Bradford County Wednesday that was rated an F-1 on the Fujita Scale.

        By next Thursday a cold front will arrive, and models do indicate there will be a slight shift in the pattern. Right now, we are seeing nothing but “Great Lakes Cutters,” which are storms that track to our west bringing us mainly rain. There is the chance this storm could trend south and Pennsylvania sees a winter storm. Starting around March 4th, we will likely have Greenland Blocking which moves the favorable storm track to the East Coast instead of the Midwest. This could very well open the door for a late season winter storm anytime between March 4th – Mid March. There are some models indicating a winter storm around March 5th but that is still very far out.

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