Major Winter Storm Potential Next Tuesday – Thursday

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It is becoming clear that the odds of a major Winter Storm for the middle of next week is increasing. The time period we are looking at is Tuesday through Thursday. This has the potential of being a long duration event.

A storm develops near the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. Where it goes from there is the big question. Whether the storm takes a track and has the low pressure cut through PA, just like this past storm, has it ride the coast (similar to the blizzard’s track), or take a storm track out to sea, it remains to be seen. However, with today’s latest guidance, we are highly confident that a storm will impact much of PA during this time-frame. The specifics are still an uncertainty at the moment.

Today’s GFS run: gfs potent

GFS takes the storm much like this past storm, right over Central and Eastern PA, giving Western PA and Ohio a major snowstorm, meanwhile Central and Eastern PA remain mainly rain.

Today’s Canadian Model: cmc potent

The Canadian takes the low a bit further southeast of the GFS. Instead of taking over Central/EPA, it takes it over Delaware. This is huge, as it gives areas further South and East than the GFS model’s solution a major snow storm, meanwhile the Southeastern half of the state still remain mainly rain. As it stands now, the Canadian model is the “middle” solution between the GFS and Euro.

Speaking of the Euro here is today’s run: euro verbatim

The Euro takes a track up the coast, instead of over land. And it is also much colder than the GFS and Canadian. Verbatim, NOT A FORECAST, this particular run shows a major snow storm for most of Pennsylvania.

We are still 6-7 days away from this storm’s impact. Many questions will not be answered until we get closer. However, as of now, we are confident there will be a significant system impacting us next week. And yes, taking a blend of most guidance, it looks like some areas will have to worry about precip types. This will probably not end up being an all snow event for someone, more so as you head closer to the coast. IF you are a snow lover, you better be rooting for the European’s solution to come true.

This will be a fun week of tracking this potential Major Winter Storm and we will be doing all that on our website and our Facebook page as well, don’t forget to give us a “like”! >>>>>>>>>>> Pennsylvania Weather Action Facebook Page!

Lead Forecaster Chris Corrigan is a 20 year old entrepreneur who has been studying the weather ever since the young age of 5. Chris has been the lead forecaster for Pennsylvania Weather Action alongside Lead Forecaster Josh Adams since the fall of 2014.

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