February’s snowpack fought hard to survive the extended Springlike warmth.  Alas, its days were numbered and it eventually succumbed during yesterday’s onslaught of torrential rain, wind, and thunder.  For posterity, shown is the final vestige Tuesday evening before yesterday’s Springlike weather melted it away.   A powerful cold front came to the rescue many hours too late Wednesday evening, but provided quite the spectacle.  Post-frontal winds gusted between 40 and 50 mph, leaving thousands without power through today while driving colder air into our region, plunging temperatures from the Springlike levels yesterday to near normal levels today.


Temperatures will rapidly return to much above normal levels for Friday along with mostly-sunny skies.   Meanwhile a surface low will develop over the Carolinas and slowly move along the cost toward the Mid-Atlantic.  Temperatures Friday night will fall into the 30s.





The surface low will move through the Mid-Atlantic, spreading rain into our area.    There could be a brief period of freezing rain in some areas at the start of the precipitation, but all areas should quickly warm into a mild rain.  That rain will fall most of the day, tapering into showers during the afternoon. The heaviest totals will be in the southeastern parts of the area.




Sunday will feature mostly sunny conditions and temperatures soaring well into the 50s everywhere, perhaps even near 60 in the southern valley locations!  Enjoy!


BEYOND SUNDAY (Mon-Fri Mar 4-8)

Next week will continue to feature much above normal temperatures.   Cloudy conditions will persist most of the week, with several opportunities for rainfall, most-likely Wednesday and Friday.   And for those hoping for wintry precipitation, there is actually a borderline chance during the 2nd week of March, but time is running out.   Reminder:  Turn clocks ahead 2am Sunday March 10th!