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Unfortunately, over the last 24 hours guidance has trended North with a low pressure system that will be impacting us Monday into Tuesday. Now, this puts most of the state under the gun for some heavy rainfall. This time yesterday, it looked as if only extreme Southern PA would have to deal with any type of rainfall Monday, but that has since changed.

Timing: The rain will advance from Southwest to Northeast during the day Monday. It will begin in Southwest PA between 8 AM and Noon, and then arrive during the afternoon hours for the rest of the State. It does look like the steady rainfall will last through Monday Night, before tapering to lingering showers throughout the day Tuesday.

The Canadian model shows this well, this would be valid for 2 PM Monday Afternoon.cmc rain

We know a lot of areas have their 4th of July Fireworks Monday Night. At this time, the rain does look to put a damper on most firework shows Monday Night. We would suggest attending Sunday Night fireworks if you are able to because all day Sunday will be dry.

Just how much rain are we expecting? Below is our current forecast. This has the potential of changing over the next 24 hours, due to a lot of “waffling” going on with guidance right now. We will have an update later Tomorrow sometime if any changes need to be done.

Area A – Greatest threat for heavy rain. The potential exists for over 2 inches of rainfall. Areas that are prone to flooding, expect there to be some minor flooding this go-around.

Area B – Biggest question mark area. Guidance keeps going back and forth between putting this region in Area A and Area C. So right now, we are taking a general blend for this area. Anywhere from 1 inch to 2 inches of rainfall is possible. Localized flooding is possible in flood prone locations.

Area C – We will have to keep an eye out to see if the North trend continues over the next 24 hours, but for now, this area can expect some lighter rain. Rainfall amounts will be under 1 inch. No flooding is to be expected.

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