Winter Weather

Yes, more snow is possible! Storms have been numerous, with one in Eastern PA this past weekend, one tonight, and now a clipper looking more possible Wednesday Night. This will likely be a very powdery snow, as temperatures will be in the low 20s as the snow falls. As a result, even light to moderate snow will accumulate quickly due to high liquid to snow ratios of 20:1.

Heaviest accumulations look to be in Southwest PA and the Laurel Highlands. Often times with these storms, more snow falls on the western side of the Appalachian Mountains unless a secondary coastal low forms, which won’t be the case Wednesday Night. Here is the latest GFS run for 5 AM Thursday Morning.

The timing of this storm will also be key. The majority of the snow will fall overnight. As a result, the Thursday Morning Commute is looking hazardous across Southwestern and Southcentral PA. Any roads that are not treated will become snow-covered with temperatures in the low 20s as the snow falls. Now let’s look at possible snow amounts.


Area A: This region has the best chance to see 3″ or more.

Area B: This region has the best chance to see 2″ or more.

Area C: This region has the best chance to see 1″ or more.

Area D: This region has the best chance to see a coating or more.

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