The 2021 Fall Foliage Season and Fall in general has gotten off to a painfully slow start for fall-lovers like myself. Friday will feature temperatures in the 80s for many of us, and once again the thought of turning off the AC will not cross your mind. But there is good news. Next week will feature textbook Fall weather, with highs in the 50s and 60s and dry conditions. We do not expect any first freezes until the following week though. So keep that in mind if you still have any vegetation growing.

Colors have not been too vibrant this year, likely due to the extremely wet August and September we endured. Fall colors have made only slight progress in the last week, but that is expected to change to as cooler weather arrives. Generally, much of Northern PA is near peak-foliage, with the valleys just behind. South of I-80, lots of green still prevails. But look on the bright side, in two months we will look back and be grateful we had a few extra weeks of warmth before the cold weather came.


Area A: This region is experiencing peak color, with about 90% or more of tree species having changed color. Color will start to fade in the coming weeks.

Area B: This region is beginning to see best color, with about 80% of tree species having changed color. Peak color is this week in this area.

Area C: This region is seeing partial color change, and about 50% of tree species have changed color. Peak color will begin in approximately one week in this area.

Area D: This region is starting to see minor changes in color, and about 25% of tree species have changed color. Peak color is approximately two to three weeks away in this away.

This weekend doesn’t look ideal for sightseeing. October 23rd and 24th should be a great opportunity!

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