Fall Foliage Updates

Fall foliage colors continue to ramp up across the state as we are near or at peak color in many areas. With foliage in the high mountains of the northern tier beginning to fade, best color is now being observed in high elevations throughout central and northern Pennsylvania. Ridges are about a week ahead of the valleys, so for example locations along the Susquehanna River will take a little longer to peak versus the surrounding mountain ridges.

Southwest PA has made progress in the past week, as well as with the Lehigh Valley. The Lower Susquehanna Valley and southeast PA have seen limited progress in color change and only the ridges are approaching peak color. Much of the upcoming week will feature above average temperatures, and heavy rainfall is possible from Delta. We don’t expect much wind so that is not a concern, however the change may be slightly delayed due to the warmth.


Area A: This region is still seeing nice color, but is beginning to fade and only has about a week left of vibrant foliage. About 95% of tree species have changed color.

Area B: This region is seeing best color now, and about 80% of tree species have changed color. Peak color is this week in this area.

Area C: This region is approaching best color, and about 50% of tree species have changed color. Peak color is in approximately one week in this area.

Area D: This region is starting to see some changes in color, and about 25% of tree species have changed color. Peak color is approximately two to three weeks away in this area.

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