South Central PA - Denys Khrulov

Good afternoon! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Saturday brought in warmer conditions into the region as temperatures rose as much as 15-20 degrees above average with peeks of sunshine. Sunday brought in slightly cooler conditions, yet it was still above average, although at times there were showers and thunderstorms across the area. As we head throughout the first half of this week, we will see conditions return closer to normal.


Tuesday will be a chilly day across the region with highs making it into the low-to-mid 40s. Expect mostly cloudy skies with cloud cover increasing throughout the day as our next low pressure system enters the area in the evening. Additionally, a westerly wind of 3 to 8 mph is expected in the afternoon hours. A few showers or wet snow flakes will be possible across the western counties in the evening hours, with no to little snow accumulation expected.


Wednesday will be similar to Tuesday, although temperatures will run slightly cooler with highs making it into the upper-30s to lower-40s. A few rain and snow showers will be possible throughout the afternoon hours, with very little to no snowfall accumulations expected. It will be slightly more windy with winds out of the northwest of 10 -15 mph with wind gusts occasionally up to 35 mph during the afternoon hours, making it slightly more chilly.


Thursday will not be much better as temperatures will climb into the lower-40s with mostly cloudy conditions. Expect a westerly wind of 4 to 7 mph during the afternoon hours, which will make it feel a bit chilly at times. A few snow flurries will be possible during the morning hours across the northeastern counties with little to no snow accumulation expected.






As we head into the weekend, there may be another system that will allow for warmer-than-average conditions to return with potential showers (and maybe thunderstorms) again. Stay tuned for updates by following PA Weather Action on Facebook and downloading the PA Weather Action app!