North Central PA - Sara Stierly

107,000 people are preparing to fill Beaver Stadium for the Whiteout football game vs. Iowa tomorrow. Tropical Storm Ophelia (just recently upgraded from tropical disturbance to tropical storm) that is coming off the east coast and into Pennsylvania may alter some people’s plans. As of now, here is what we are looking at as far as rainfall for tomorrow night near kickoff time (7:30 pm):

Saturday, 7pm

Steady, moderate rainfall will affect much of the North Central PA region at this time. Some areas in the Northwest corner of this region may get lucky and experience only a few drops; but it’s looking like a steady soaking of most of the area leading up to this point.

Saturday, 8pm

Rainfall is still continuous and steady, becoming lighter at times.

Saturday, 9pm

This is where rainfall patterns start to take a major shift in its previous pattern. The Northwest portion of the region will start to be clear of rain, but cloudy skies will remain. As for the South Central and Southeast areas of the region, rainfall will start to pick up and be heavier at times. There will be little to no breaks in the heavy rain at this point, meaning that rainfall will be much steadier than before.


Now, taking a look at wind, there will be very breezy conditions throughout the evening with wind coming from the Northeast, staying at around 15-18 mph for most of the region. Near the start of the game, at 7 pm, wind gusts are likely to make it up into the low to mid 20 MPH range. A strong breeze and steady rain makes for chilly conditions.

Make sure to wear layers and try to stay dry at the game! It will still be a lot of fun!

Sara Stierly