Weatherize Your Home This Summer!

Today marks the start of the summer season, and hot days are certainly ahead. With a new season comes new reminders to help keep your costs down, remain comfortable in your home, and save energy. Below are some tips to weatherize your home this summer. Switch to LED Light Bulbs The incandescent light bulbs have…

The Forecast This Spring: Giving Back

A message from PA Weather Action’s sponsor NRG Even though temperatures don’t always seem like it, spring is here. As we often predict, some days we’re able to turn off the heat and open the windows; other days we need the heat to fight off a morning chill. With uncertain weather, it helps to have…

Tips for Minimizing Impact of Higher Natural Gas Costs

With winter electricity bills expected to rise due to higher natural gas costs, NRG, one of the nation’s leading energy providers, urges customers to reach out for support. Mike Starck, Vice President and General Manager of NRG’s Retail East division, explains why natural gas costs are higher and offers some advice and tips for minimizing…

We’d like to welcome NRG as our premier sponsor!

NRG is one of the largest energy providers in Pennsylvania and offers customers added value and options the utility can’t.

Here is Mike Starck, Vice President and General Manager of NRG’s Retail East Division to introduce you to NRG and share more about NRG’s partnership with PA Weather Action.

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From PWA Owner & Forecaster Josh Adams:

“I would like to thank NRG for this amazing opportunity, as it gives me the ability to devote increased time and energy into providing the most precise forecast I can for all of the state year-round. Furthermore, this sponsorship gives Pennsylvania Weather Action the ability to invest greater into accurate data and a better design for our mobile application.”