Josh's passion for weather developed at a very early age. Experiencing severe thunderstorms and major snowstorms only sparked his interest even more. He enjoyed making hand-drawn forecasts of his own. By the time Josh was 12, he owned his first weather website and often posted forecasts for the Northeast US. At 13, he joined a now-popular weather page based in Southern PA, eventually parting ways in 2015. He then started Northeast Weather Action in 2015, but decided to focus on his home state of Pennsylvania. Throughout the years, his fascination and knowledge in meteorology grew steadily. Josh is now a senior in high school in Southern PA and the owner of Pennsylvania Weather Action, LLC.


        January and December were two completely different months for us here in the Northeast weather-wise. December might as well have been named October, with record breaking warmth including days reaching 70 degrees. January however, was a much different story. We predicted below average temperatures and that’s exactly what occurred. Also, one…

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Significant Winter Storm Likely Friday, Major Snow Potential

AN UPDATED ARTICLE HAS NOW BEEN POSTED REGARDING THIS POTENTIALLY CRIPPLING STORM >>>         With storm after storm this season, it has been all about what the system could have produced instead of what it did produce, which has often been rain. Why is that? We have had little to no…

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