Josh's passion for weather developed at a very early age. Experiencing severe thunderstorms and major snowstorms only sparked his interest even more. He enjoyed making hand-drawn forecasts of his own. By the time Josh was 12, he owned his first weather website and often posted forecasts for the Northeast US. At 13, he joined a now-popular weather page based in Southern PA, eventually parting ways in 2015. He then started Northeast Weather Action in 2015, but decided to focus on his home state of Pennsylvania. Throughout the years, his fascination and knowledge in meteorology grew steadily. Josh is now a senior in high school in Southern PA and the owner of Pennsylvania Weather Action, LLC.

FIRST CALL: Snowfall Likely Thursday Night Into Friday, Could Be Last Winter Storm

OUR SECOND CALL FORECAST HAS BEEN POSTED…CLICK HERE TO VIEW         Winter is wrapping up and without the blizzard it would’ve been one of the least snowiest winters in history for the state. With well above average temperatures next week and beyond, what could be the last winter storm of the season…

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