Josh's passion for weather began at a very young age. Experiencing tornado-warned supercells and major snowstorms in Eastern PA furthered his interest. He enjoyed creating hand-drawn forecasts of his own in his pre-teen years. By the time Josh was 12, he owned his first weather website and often posted forecasts for the Northeast US. At 13, he joined popular weather page based in York, PA, eventually parting ways in 2015. He then started Northeast Weather Action in 2015, and later decided to focus on his home state of Pennsylvania. Throughout the years, his fascination and knowledge in meteorology grew steadily. Josh is currently a freshman in college and the owner of Pennsylvania Weather Action, LLC.

Flash Flooding Once Again Possible This Weekend

Over the past several weeks, many areas of the state have dealt with their fair share of flash flooding. Unfortunately more heavy downpours are expected this weekend across the region. Flash flooding has already begun in Southwest PA (Friday Evening), where multiple flash flood warnings have been issued and nearly a dozen flash flooding incidents…