VIDEO: Major Damage Caused by 115MPH Straight Line Winds

Much of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania was hit by an intense line of storms Tuesday. A video from Beach Lake, PA shows the incredible damage done by straight line winds of 115 MPH.

Watch the video here and share what non-tornadic winds can do by clicking the blue button at the bottom of your screen.

TODAY (5/14): Enhanced RIsk For Severe Storms in Parts of Southern PA

A line of potentially severe storms will track through parts of Ohio and into southwestern PA, the Laurel Highlands, and possibly Southcentral PA. TIMING Pittsburgh, Washington, Waynesburg – 3:00 PM Johnstown, Somerset, Uniontown – 4:00 PM Bedford, Southern Blair County, McConnellsburg – 5:00 PM Chambersburg, Gettysburg – 6:00 PM FUTURE RADAR Here is the Storm Prediction…